About the Book

Pascal Ruiz, a Santa Fe detective,  becomes disenchanted with his job after solving a high-profile case that involved a stolen Stradivarius violin. That is, until the Captain asks him, off the record, to look into the disappearance of his niece’s boyfriend, Bobby Pilot. Pilot has been staying out at Diamond Tail Ranch while his girlfriend has a part in a Television western.  Pilot struggles to write an article on the Penitentes, the religious order known for their Holy Week reenactments of Christ’s last day on earth while he prepares for the upcoming Easter Procession to Chimayo.

Ruiz finds Pilot alive but unconscious in an abandoned pueblo, clothed in a Jesus costume and tied to a cross. He suspects the Penitentes but believes the Jesus costume is the one recently stolen from the Santa Fe Opera Storage Building. But the pueblo resides on the San Felipe Reservation, not in Ruiz’s jurisdiction. Tribal Police take over the case and Ruiz attempts to wheedle his way in, befriending the Tribal police captain. In his desperation to link the two cases, he crosses the line and puts his career in jeopardy.


300 pages

ISBN 978-1948749732

5.5 x 0.68 x 8.5 inches


“A dark and ominous thriller with descriptive writing that brings southwestern landscapes and mysterious traditions to life, research-rich, penned with confidence and armed with a consistent narrative voice. Rites and Wrongs is a deeply engrossing read, backed up by exceptional storytelling chops, a strong ear for dialogue, and engagingly flawed characters that are hard to forget.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

“Set in modern-day New Mexico, this thrilling mystery will keep readers riveted with a great story, fascinating characters, and exceptional writing. Don’t miss this one!” Rosi Hollinbeck, San Francisco Book Review

“Harrison’s ability to bring New Mexico’s culture and landscapes to life lends the added value of a realistic background to her story. Fans of mysteries that look beyond swift action for three-dimensional characters with lives and concerns beyond police routines alone will find Rites & Wrongs a compelling story of jurisdictions that clash in the name of justice.” Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

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