Death In The Land of Enchantment: A Novel

Coming Soon

Death in the Land of Enchantment will be published in April 2025.

Patrol Officer Louise Sanchez knows the Northern New Mexico roads, yet when she fills in for Detective Pascal Ruiz, who’s been put on leave, she finds herself in unfamiliar territory. The first week on the job she is assigned to a murder investigation that’s as wild as the untamed New Mexico landscape around her. When it’s revealed that the victim was a high-powered attorney found with a butcher’s knife in his heart and a “date rape” drug in his system, Officer Sanchez knows she’s way out of her league. Determined to solve her first case and feeling pressure from a growing number of clues that don’t add up, she decides to forgo standard police procedures and follow her intuition with the help of Pascal Ruiz. But as she blazes her own trail to solving the murder, it soon becomes clear that she may lose the case to higher powers.